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Actual Before and After Pictures from our Air Duct Cleanings

Here is an alarming FACT that so many people aren't unaware of....


When one Googles "duct cleaning" and view YouTube videos, it seems most all these videos have a "before" dirty rectangle metal main trunk line and "after" clean shiny metal trunk line. The following pictures are REAL trunk lines. Millions of American's have this type of trunk line. Fiberboard.


A material made with fiberglass and chemicals, lined on the INSIDE of the trunk line. All the air from the HVAC unit flows over this duct board, into the branch ducts (which are insulated on the outside) and then into the interior of the home. The pieces of duct board are butted together. Over time, they peel and loosen as the air flows over. The openings from the truck line to branch ducts, are simply cut out with the inner exposed fiberglass.


Cleaning the air ducts is one good way of improving the Indoor Air Quality for you and your family, but it doesn't stop there! 

Your Healthy Home Now inspector is inspecting more than just the condition of your HVAC ventilation system. They're looking for anything and everything that could be causing adverse and poor Indoor Air Quality in your home. The next set of pictures will reveal gaps and openings around branch ducts that leads to crawl spaces and attics, where the air quality is always poor, and not intended for long term or regular exposure.  

Using either an approved elastic base mastic caulk application or "sheet metal tape" (NEVER Duct Tape) the entire perimeter of the duct boot is SEALED air tight against the floor and/or attic. 


Then we install an inline electrostatic filter. Together these two items, included with your HVAC cleaning, will greatly improve your Indoor Air Quality, versus air duct cleaning along. Isn't that what it's all about...Improving your Indoor Air Quality?


When it comes to inline branch ducts, there will be a debate on if it is good for the unit or not. We use filters that allow proper air flow, and there is NO debate that using these filters when your trunk line does have the fiberglass fiberboard, will aid in stopping the contamination of dangerous fibers into the indoor air of your home, and into the lung's of the occupants.  

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