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Professionals! That’s the one word that best describes everyone at, Healthy Home Now! Our people are all, Professionals. We employ the "best of the best-" Engineers, Certified Inspectors, License technicians. Every team member is trained and dedicated to conduct the best job for you and your family and/or work colleagues.


High Tech! That’s the next word to describe Healthy Home Now! We have the most "high tech," the most "powerful," and the "safest" equipment offered in the Indoor Air Quality Duct Cleaning industry. 



let's get started improving the air quality of your home and/or business and hopefully the health of all the occupants

Healthy Home Now's Complete Step by Step Process

Best Way to Describe Healthy Home Now?


Professionally Trained Technicians & Office Personnel


Healthy Home Now, takes extreme pride in our people. The key ingredient to the success of any company is their people. We are no different! We employ licensed & certified inspectors, engineers, and technicians. The Healthy Home Now, team not only complies with all industry required codes of ethics and standards of practice, but have incorporated our own, even more strict and professional codes and practices, to further ensure the best job and #1 experience for our clients!  Our office personnel is second to none.  We pride ourselves on being courteous, helpful, and caring about you and the process of improving your indoor air quality.


High Tech!


Healthy Home Now, uses only the most advanced Air Duct Cleaning System available. Our equipment is designed and manufactured by one of the leading manufacturers of H.E.P.A. filtered vacuum equipment in the United States. All of our equipment meets and/or exceeds OSHA. EPA, & NADCA Standards for cleaning & sanitizing HVAC Systems & all other home and business ventilation systems.  When you combine the, Healthy Home Now trained technicians with the best and most advance equipment in the industry, the results are the #1 service and #1 successful job to be had. Healthy Home Now!

Everyone Deserves A Clean, Healthy Home, & Work Place! 

Air Duct Cleaning for Chattanooga, TN and the surrounding areas.

Healthy Home Now, was first licensed to do business in Chattanooga, TN, Hamilton County, September 15, 2003. It was created by State licensed home inspectors for the purpose of finding and identifying possible causes for unusual musty type odors, visual and non-visual mold spores and colonies, and unexplained illnesses of the occupants of homes and/or businesses.  The recommendations to have these specialty inspections, were actually being made by doctors. Recommendations were also being made by attorneys for their clients to aid in finding problems and situations in homes and/or buildings where people were suffering unexplained illnesses thought to be caused by something unseen inside their home and/or work place.


When the inspections revealed several different forms of Indoor Air Quality contamination inside these structures, the #1 source always traced back to the HVAC ventilation system. Even though these contaminants were introduced and caused by something altogether different, they would most always be drawn into and circulated around the home via the HVAC air movement ventilation system.

Thus, HVAC air movement ventilation duct systems, when properly inspected, cleaned, and decontaminated, can greatly improve the indoor air quality.


Quality is defined as customer satisfaction. 

Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.  We, at Healthy Home Now, have very high standards and work ethics. 

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