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Should I Have My Air Ducts Cleaned?

You may be wondering if air duct cleaning will help your situation or you may be scared that air duct cleaning is a scam.

Hopefully this article will help you decide if you should have your air ducts cleaned and whether you can trust Healthy Home Now, Inc. to do the job- correctly and professionally.

If anyone is experiencing allergies, has unexplained illnesses, or if there are holes or gaps in the ducts, a bad smell when the air is on, and/or debris in your air ducts then YES! You need your ducts cleaned.

We will first do a visual inspection of the HVAC ventilation system. This will let us and you know what needs to be done for your situation. Please see "Our Process" page for detailed information on what is involved.

We can also decontaminate your HVAC system if necessary. Our licensed and trained technician will listen to your concerns and discuss a plan of action. Again, "Our Process" page gives all the information about this - in great detail.

Can you trust us? Check us out on the BBB. We have an A+ rating. We have been certified with Home Advisors and check out our "Credentials" page. That is a small list of our credentials. We are a local company that takes pride in doing a professional job- right the first time.

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