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What is Ozone Decontamination


What is it?

Ozone is a well-known powerful oxidizer which can kill microorganisms

effectively. Some people refer to Ozone as activate oxygen. Ozone's molecular name is O3. It has one more oxygen atom than oxygen (O2)- the air we breathe.

How Does It Kill Mold, Bacteria, Etc.? The extra atom of oxygen (in a nutshell) breaks off from the other two atoms and looks for organic or inorganic molecules to "connect" with. This connection destroys the mold, virus, bacteria, odor etc. that it touches. This process is done through oxidation.

Is Ozone Safe?

We use a powerful ozone generator that produces the ozone needed to decontaminate your home or office.

While the ozone generator is in use- no people, pets, nor plants can be in the area being decontaminated. HOWEVER, once the process is complete, the ozone generator is shut off, the home, business, car, or area that was treated is

opened and aired out to allow any remaining ozone to dissipate and the normal balance of O2- regular oxygen is returned.

Then the treated area is not only safe, but the mold, bacteria, odor, virus, etc. is gone. All that is left is the smell of sunshine. (Do you know the smell on clothes hung outside to dry? That's ozone. That's the same smell that will be in your home for several minutes after the ozone treatment).

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Offering Air Duct Cleaning and Mold Remediation in the Chattanooga, TN and surrounding areas.

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