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We are located in the Chattanooga, Tennessee. We specialize in improving indoor quality by offering professional, reliable, dependable air duct cleaning.

Whether it's a business' indoor air quality or your home's indoor air quality that needs improving by our services or air duct cleaning- CONTACT us today.

How do we do that?

First, we start by doing a thorough inspection of your air duct, air return, and the entire HVAC System. Click on our HOME page to learn more.

Next, the information obtained from the inspection allows us to know what needs to be done.

*There may be damage to one or more air ducts. We can take care of that. *There may be debris such as insulation or trash in your air duct line. We can clean that.

Again, our HOME page gives you all the information you need. Click on it after reading this article.

MOLD. Got mold? Or think you do? Are there family members (or employees at your place of business) experiencing respiratory symptoms that improve while being out of the sick home (or sick office) and get worse when spending time back in the sick home (or sick office)?

WE, at Healthy Home Now, can take care of that. Our professional detailed air duct cleaning and when needed mold remediation can greatly improve your indoor air quality.


* Unexplained recurring respiratory illnesses

* Odors

* Allergy like symptoms that don't improve

* A recent family member (or employee) had a serious virus such as Bird Flu, Swine Flu, SARS, etc.

* Mold

* Pet Dander

* Bacteria

* Fiberglass insulation in air ducts and/or air return

Click now on our HOME page for detailed information and pricing. Then either, click on our CONTACT page to schedule an inspection, call us at 423-886-5800 or email us at

Offering Air Duct Cleaning for Chattanooga, TN and the surrounding areas.

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