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Got Mold?  We Can Help.


The Key to Controlling Mold Is Controlling Moisture.  If you have mold, you must first solve the moisture issues AND then remove the mold- even in the HVAC Ventilation system.  We can help with both.

Allergeric Reactions
to Mold

According to the EPA, "it is well established that fungi (mold) can cause allergic reactions in humans.  The symptoms include: runny nose, nasal drainage leading to a sore throat, asthma attacks, sneezing, coughing, and hoarseness.  This list is not all inclusive.  The above list also does not include the more severe reactions to long term mold exposure.  There are numerous articles covering the subject of mold in the home and/or workplace.  

Getting Rid of Moisture

First the source of the moisture has to be determined.  Is the roof or faucet pipes leaking?  Is it just the standard moisture in the bathroom?


Our IAQ Plus Inspection can determine the source of the moisture problem, if needed, and test the indoor air for mold.

Helpful Info: For normal moisture that occurs in the bathroom, run the exhaust fan while bathing.  

Cleaning Up
the Mold

Once the moisture issue has been fixed, it's time to clean up the mold.  Some mold can be cleaned by a topical solution.  Meaning the mold is only on the surface and hasn't penetrated deeper into the surface of what it was growing on.  For mold that has penetrated the surface, the area contaminated must be properly removed and replaced (i.e. mold on drywall).  Healthy Home Now, Inc. can clean up your mold problem- big or small.


But cleaning up the mold is only part of the solution.  Once the moisture issue is solved and the mold cleaned (destroyed), now it's time to clean or destroy the live mold spores that are growing in the HVAC air system.


A home or business that has had a mold problem and used the HVAC ventilation system.... has a greater chance of having mold in the HVAC ventilation system.


Healthy Home Now, Inc. uses activated oxygen, (ozone) to destroy the mold in the HVAC ventilation system and then cleans the entire HVAC ventilation system.  Check "Our Process" Page for more information.

                                    What's Next?
Steps for Maintaining Good Air Quality in the Home or Office

If you have paid for the HVAC system to be cleaned and the mold destroyed and removed.... now what?  Here are some ways to protect the investment you made in improving your indoor air quality.

* Dust and Vacuum (including upholstered furniture) often

* Be on the lookout for moisture problem areas (leaky roofs, condensation around windows and faucets, and buildup of moisture in the bathroom.

* Use a high quality potting soil for indoor plants.  Don't over water and look for signs of mold growing in pots.

* Make sure there is adequate air flow in the building

* Fix leaky faucets

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