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Healthy Home Now, Inc. has the level of service people expect, due to our team of professional dependable individuals, which have gone through extensive training.  This extensive training ensures a thorough cleaning- every time. Our professionals perform effective detailed cleaning procedures and are trained in product usage and safety procedures. 


The products we use are EPA certified and kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.


We ensure a high level of quality control by observing the work of our employees with surprise onsite inspections along with customer surveys.  Keeping an open dialogue with our customers is very important. 


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Professional Restaurant
Front End Cleaning


Healthy Home Now, Inc. offers detailed professional level cleaning for the front of your restaurant.


From top to bottom we offer:

* HVAC Air System and Duct Cleaning

* HVAC Air System Decontamination

* Semi Annual Ceiling Cleaning (as needed)

* Quarterly Wall Washing

* Monthly Decoration Dusting

* Daily or Weekly tables*, floors, bar, hostess area, bathrooms*, and other areas as needed


*Tables and bathrooms will be disinfected and cleaned.

Competitive Rates
Dependable Serivce


We are a locally owned company.  We don't pay franchise fees.  Our overhead is low so we can keep our rates competitive.


You chose the types of services and the timing of those services for your business.


Our employees are thoroughly screened prior to hiring.  Then they go through an extensive training process.  In addition we share our profits with our employees.  Through our Profit Sharing Program, employees are motivated to perform their jobs professionally and accurately.


Commercial Businesses


Healthy Home Now, Inc. provides a clean environment for your employees.  


* HVAC Air System and Duct Cleaning

* HVAC Air System Decontamination

* Annual Cubical Cleaning

* Annual Carpet Cleaning

* Daily or Weekly cleaning or office furniture, floors, bathrooms*, common areas, kitchens*, emptying trash, refilling soaps, napkins, towels etc.


*Bathrooms and kitchens will be disinfected and cleaned.

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